"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Buckminster Fuller, philosopher, futurist and global thinker (1895 - 1983)
"If there are to be problems, may they come during my life-time so that I can resolve them and give my children the chance of a good life."

Kenyan proverb
"Then I say the Earth belongs to each generation during its course, fully and in its right no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its existence"

Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789
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Note! This is a preliminary list of currently accepted abstracts. When the submissions are closed, the schedule will be created and posted also on this page.

  • SDEWES2019-0914 Impact of the Transition Towards 100% Renewable Energy Systems on Primary and Final Energy Demand
  • SDEWES2019-0713 Where to Start? The Sustainability of Water Systems in the Global Village
  • SDEWES2019-0916 Rethinking Future Industrial Energy Systems
  • SDEWES2019-1017 100% Renewable Smart Energy Systems
Panel: Perspectives on 100% Renewable Energy Systems around the World
  • SDEWES2019-1106 Gaps in 100% renewable energy research
  • SDEWES2019-1102 The views from the IPCC SR1.5
  • SDEWES2019-1095 100% RES energy systems – electrification, hydrogen or e-fuels?
Panel: The sustainability of plastic and its alternatives
  • SDEWES2019-1104 A small contribution to the debate on the sustainability of plastic waste management
  • SDEWES2019-1108 Flitting and Frogleaping a Human Solution to Managing the Planet
  • SDEWES2019-1103 Plastics in environment - do we look for a solution?
  • SDEWES2019-1109 Pyrolysis of Non-Recycled Plastics
  • SDEWES2019-1107 Technologies and Challenges of converting waste plastics to fuel
Integration of Smart cities and Smart Industry for Circular Economy: Energy, Water and Waste to Secondary raw material for Sustainable Future
  • SDEWES2019-0130 Model assessment of the efficiency of water utility companies: approach to the analysis of resources and results
  • SDEWES2019-0042 Experimental investigation of heat transfer performance of gallium regenerator used for phase change thermal storage
  • SDEWES2019-0186 Analysis of an Application Possibility of Geopolymer Materials as Thermal Backfill For Underground Power Cable System
  • SDEWES2019-0313 Investigation of biojet fuel production over different transition metal/alumina catalysts
  • SDEWES2019-0245 Mitigating CO2 Impact of Industrial Process by AG2STM Technology
  • SDEWES2019-0217 Assessment of the Mercury Footprint at the Global Scale
  • SDEWES2019-0215 P-graph Methodology for Utility Targeting in Non-Isothermal Heat-Integrated Water Networks
  • SDEWES2019-0080 A novel model for optimizing the reactor parameters based on the integration of reaction network
  • SDEWES2019-0358 Experimental Investigation of Concentration and Size Distribution of Fine Combustion Particles Emitted by Small Biomass Boiler under Various Operation Conditions
  • SDEWES2019-0226 Analysis of Circular Economy approaches for optimising performance and minimising environmental impacts
  • SDEWES2019-0496 Techno-economic Analysis of Concentration Technologies for the Treatment and Recycling of Industrial Wastewater Effluents
  • SDEWES2019-0800 Diffusion dialysis for HCl and heavy metals separation from highly concentrated pickling solutions
  • SDEWES2019-0045 Evaluation of energy integration aspects for IGCC power plant equipped with CO2 capture feature based on reactive gas-solid systems
  • SDEWES2019-0274 Feasibility of Replacement of Nuclear Power with Other Sources in the Czech Republic
  • SDEWES2019-0325 Water-Energy Nexus Studies: Methods, Implementation, and Developments
  • SDEWES2019-0183 Towards Full Artificial Intelligence: Hierarchical Temporal Memory for Smart Energy Allocation
  • SDEWES2019-0303 Alternative component containing diesel fuel from different wastes
  • SDEWES2019-0611 Synthesis of a biogas supply networks for production of electricity and concentrated nitrogen fertilizers under uncertainty
  • SDEWES2019-0309 A Kraft Mill-Integrated Biorefinery Design based on Hydrothermal Liquefaction
  • SDEWES2019-1050 Biowaste Treatment by Incineration – Environmental Benefits
  • SDEWES2019-0091 Energy-Water-Carbon Nexus Analysis of China: An Input-Output Model-Based Approach
  • SDEWES2019-0277 Analysis of PM2.5 Formation in Complex Air Pollution in China
  • SDEWES2019-0375 Improvement possibilities for the cold flow properties of diesel fuels with high paraffin content
  • SDEWES2019-0626 Cross-Sector Energy and Mass Integration Potential for Sustainable Development
  • SDEWES2019-0268 The imperative of strategic management plan for global energy supply and use
  • SDEWES2019-0261 Economic Evaluation of District Heating and Cooling in Trigeneration System
  • SDEWES2019-0235 Regional Waste Management Planning by Pinch Methodology: E-WAMPA
  • SDEWES2019-0373 A critical evaluation of fatty acid alkyl esters and (bio)paraffin-based engine fuels
The food-energy-water- (FEW-) nexus – resource interdependencies and their institutional challenges
  • SDEWES2019-0116 Towards a Low-Carbon Society – Chances and Risks from a Stakeholder Perspective
  • SDEWES2019-0333 A Power-to-Fuel Strategy for Biogas Plants – Life Cycle Assessment of a Small-Scale Fuel Production System
  • SDEWES2019-0932 Developing a nexus systems thinking test – a qualitative multi- and mixed-method analysis of the 12th SDEWES Conference papers related to the nexus approach
The green economy, the SDGs and the challenges of measuring inclusive and sustainable industrial development in the food-energy-water–nexus sector
  • SDEWES2019-0015 The energy transition and its long-term implications for the direct global and regional water demand for electricity generation
  • SDEWES2019-0024 Rethinking Economic Energy Policy Research – Developing Qualitative Scenarios to Identify Feasible Energy Policies
  • SDEWES2019-0160 Brazilian Environmental Economic Accounting to Water: a Structural Decomposition Analysis
  • SDEWES2019-0613 The framing of a sustainable development goals assessment in decarbonizing the construction industry – avoiding "Greenwashing"
  • SDEWES2019-0134 Sustainability and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • SDEWES2019-0005 Sustainable Development without Growth – Findings from a Dynamic Multinational CGE Model
Sustainable Ammonia as Hydrogen Vector
  • SDEWES2019-0906 Ammonia and its blends as sustainable energy carriers in a fuel flexible MILD cyclonic Burner
  • SDEWES2019-0898 Development and Assessment of Concentrated Solar Energy Driven Ammonia Synthesis System from Liquefied Natural Gas
  • SDEWES2019-0065 Environmental Comparison of Various Ammonia Production Plants with Carbon Capture and Storage
  • SDEWES2019-0907 Trigeneration Humidified Gas Turbine Cycles for Ammonia/Hydrogen
  • SDEWES2019-0904 Investigation of chemical kinetics of ammonia combustion by numerical simulation
  • SDEWES2019-0357 Operation of SOFC with pure ammonia as a fuel
  • SDEWES2019-0867 Ammonia combustion: experiments and kinetic studies
  • SDEWES2019-1057 LOHC Dehydrogenation Process Intensification and Integration with SOFC Towards Energy Efficient, Carbon-free Hydrogen Economy
  • SDEWES2019-0273 Experimental Study on CH4/NH3 Fuels Combustion Process in Industrial Furnace with High Regeneration of Heat
  • SDEWES2019-0324 A Comparative study of SOEC and Co-SOEC for a Combined Power-to-Gas System
  • SDEWES2019-0337 Investigation on Combustion Process of CH4/NH3/Air in Premixed Swirl Flames
Material-Energy Nexus
  • SDEWES2019-0787 The assessment of accelerated vehicle retirement program from nexus perspectivity: a case study of Beijing, China
  • SDEWES2019-0806 Energy-cement-carbon emission nexus and its implications for future urbanization in China
  • SDEWES2019-0809 Exploring the policy correlated effects on China's international trade in fossil energy: an energy-steel-emission nexus analysis
  • SDEWES2019-0810 Greening energy supply in Tibet, China: a roadmap targeting the substantial increase in energy consumption
  • SDEWES2019-0684 Effect of Composition of La and Sc on Synergetic Improvement of Activity and Stability in the Ternary Pt alloy for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
  • SDEWES2019-0077 Ca and Ni doped Pr0.5Ba0.5FeO3-d as a highly active and robust cathode for high-temperature solid oxide fuel cell
  • SDEWES2019-0461 The Production of Electricity, Heat and Hydrogen with the Thermal Power Plant in Combination with Alternative Technologies
  • SDEWES2019-0974 Hydrogen Absorption and Desorption Behavior of Lithium Alanate
  • SDEWES2019-0556 Hydrogen for High-RES Energy Sector Integration: Comparison of End-Use Pathways
  • SDEWES2019-0058 Sustainability assessment of innovative energy technologies – Hydrogen from wind power as a fuel for mobility applications
  • SDEWES2019-0089 Nanostructured Ni-Co Alloy Electrodes Fabrication and Characterization for both Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Electrolyzer
  • SDEWES2019-0218 Biochar-assisted Water Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
  • SDEWES2019-0131 Driving on Hydrogen: Prospects and Impediments for Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • SDEWES2019-0503 Sorption-enhanced steam reforming of ethanol for high-purity hydrogen production over Li4SiO4 sorbent from rice husk ash
  • SDEWES2019-0212 Directives on infrastructure and safety towards global hydrogen mobility
  • SDEWES2019-0380 Life Cycle Assessment of hydrogen technologies with the focus on EU critical raw materials and End of Life strategies
Smart cities vs. smart islands: unique and common points, transferability of solutions and comparison of modelling approaches
  • SDEWES2019-0149 Advanced RenewIslands method with quantitative mapping of islands' needs and resources
  • SDEWES2019-0798 Detailed spatio-temporal modelling of renewable energy islands: the case of the island of Krk, Croatia
  • SDEWES2019-0777 A Systematic Upscaling and Transferability Approach for Planning of Future Energy in Smart Cities
  • SDEWES2019-0778 Sustainable energy access planning for small Philippine islands: A geospatial data mining approach
  • SDEWES2019-0775 From Island Operation to Grid Connection - Solution or Problem? - Case Study in the Resort Town El Gouna, Egypt
  • SDEWES2019-1033 Methods for Identifying Critical Temperature for Control of Low-Temperature DH Systems
  • SDEWES2019-0725 Analysis on the demand response potential in hotels with varying probabilistic influencing time-series for the Canary Islands
  • SDEWES2019-1062 Optimal thermal and electric storage capacities for a district cooling system
  • SDEWES2019-1047 Connection of multiple smaller heating systems into a district heating system with integration of solar thermal – a case study from Croatia
  • SDEWES2019-0152 Renewable energy potential analysis using Sentinel-1: a new forecasting model based on machine learning for converters installation and a case study of Italian islands
  • SDEWES2019-0305 SEAP scenarios and negative interaction between planned measures
Sustainable Multiphase Reactive Processes
  • SDEWES2019-0133 Impact of Different Fuel Gas Inlet Boundary Condition Profiles of Empirical 1D Bed Model on Freeboard 3D CFD Simulation Results in a Grate-Fired Boiler
  • SDEWES2019-0043 Effect of various hole configurations on wall film cooling performance
  • SDEWES2019-0805 Bioliquids and their use in power generation – a technology review
  • SDEWES2019-0367 Investigation on the ash characteristics and mechanism of petrochemical sludge/sewage sludge co-firing with straw biomass
  • SDEWES2019-0231 Mechanism study on the enhanced SO3 and NO2 formation in pressurized oxy-combustion
  • SDEWES2019-0029 Numerical Modelling of Radiative Heat Transfer in a Direct Injection Diesel Engine
  • SDEWES2019-0422 Numerical study on ladle baking process of oxy-fuel combustion
  • SDEWES2019-0030 Numerical Modelling of Sulfur Dioxide Absorption in Water Droplets as an Advanced Design Tool for Emission Mitigation
  • SDEWES2019-0908 The Effects of the EGR and Principal Engine Operating Conditions on the Emissions for a Syngas Powered Engine from the Numerical Simulation to the Experimental Results
  • SDEWES2019-0230 Experimental study on soot formation during high-Na/Ca lignite pyrolysis in an entrained flow reactor: effects of water- and acid-leaching
  • SDEWES2019-0693 Numerical Modeling of Spray Characteristics with the Euler-Eulerian Multi-Fluid Approach
  • SDEWES2019-0378 Shaping Microbial Consortia in Methane-Producing Anaerobic Digestion for Treating High Cellulose Content Saline Primary Sludge
  • SDEWES2019-0490 Numerical investigation of the north wall passive thermal performance for Chinese solar greenhouse
  • SDEWES2019-0469 Influence of Fuel Injection Configuration on NO Formation inside a Jet Engine Combustion Chamber
  • SDEWES2019-0377 Efficient Biorefinery Based on Designed Lignocellulosic Substrate for Lactic Acid Production
  • SDEWES2019-0028 An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Cool Flame Behavior for Diesel Pilot Injections
  • SDEWES2019-0427 Development of a New Dynamic Reduced-Order Model Optimized for a Shell Coal Gasifier Integrating the Slag Flow Model
  • SDEWES2019-0448 Review of Low-Rank Coal, Biomass, and Coal-Biomass Blends Devolatilization: Experimental Research and Mathematical Modeling
Harnessing the resource potential of our seas in a sustainable manner
  • SDEWES2019-0185 An artificial neural network model for the design of dual wave farms
  • SDEWES2019-0687 Experimental investigation of velocity-augmented barriers for tidal turbines
  • SDEWES2019-0779 Environmental Conditions and Test Standards for The Danish Wave Energy Center
  • SDEWES2019-0938 Hydrodynamic Shape Optimization of Horizontal Axis Turbine for River and Marine Current Applications
  • SDEWES2019-0781 Optimal Dimensioning of OWCs according to the local Wave Energy Resource
  • SDEWES2019-0511 Comparative analysis of monofacial and bifacial PV modules for floating power plants
  • SDEWES2019-0389 A projection of the expected wave power in the Black Sea until the end of the 21st century
  • SDEWES2019-0390 Wind energy assessments in the Baltic Sea, past and future projections
  • SDEWES2019-0678 Energy Supply of a Big Size Desalination Plant Using Wave Energy. Practical Case: North of Gran Canaria
  • SDEWES2019-0257 Alternative technological schemes for use the seaweed in biorefinery process –solution for reducing the eutrophication of the Black Sea Coast Area
  • SDEWES2019-0394 A high-Performance Hydrogel Filter Medium: Characteristics and Applications
  • SDEWES2019-0744 Modelling the environmental Sea bream cage aquaculture environmental footprint in relation to the spatial stocking design
Sustainable Enhancements of Power, Cooling and Water for Hot Climates
  • SDEWES2019-0763 Solar cooling technologies: state of art and perspectives
  • SDEWES2019-0614 Sustainable Enhancement of District Heating and Cooling Configurations
  • SDEWES2019-0811 GIS-based simulation of capturing solar radiation as a planning tool for the use of solar energy
  • SDEWES2019-0482 Sustainable enhancement of sugarcane production for energy purposes in hot climates
  • SDEWES2019-0766 Electricity and Water Cogeneration Utilizing Aluminum Furnaces Waste Heat Integrating Thermal Storage Organic Rankine Cycle
  • SDEWES2019-0797 Environmental assessment of electricity from a concentrated solar Power and biomass hybridisation plant in Tunisia
  • SDEWES2019-0793 Electricity Systems Capacity Expansion Under Water Availability Constraints
  • SDEWES2019-1092 Overview of District Cooling System Design and Analysis Efforts for Hot Climates
  • SDEWES2019-1089 Experimental Benchmark for High Temperature Latent Energy Storage Modeling
  • SDEWES2019-0730 Sustainability Assessment of Seawater Desalination: A Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis Approach
  • SDEWES2019-0434 Manufacturing Process Analysis for Simultaneous Synthesis and Deposition of Turbostratic Graphene on Absorbers in Solar Thermal Collector Applications
  • SDEWES2019-0497 Economic Analysis of Domestic Grid-connected Photovoltaic Systems in the Xining Region Based on Sensitivity Analysis Method
Innovative Design Solutions for Sustainable Built Environment
  • SDEWES2019-0412 Sustainability in Architecture: Environmentally Responsible Projects in Croatia
  • SDEWES2019-0727 Implications of energy-efficiency measures under changing climates for an existing multi-storey residential building
  • SDEWES2019-0758 Application of Georadar in Civil Engineering
  • SDEWES2019-0411 A parametric numerical study of timber-frame wall elements coated with single fibre-plaster boards with openings
  • SDEWES2019-0812 Nearly Zero Energy Building Standard for Existing Buildings: Case Study of Residential Units
  • SDEWES2019-0475 Approach to Energy and Cost Analysis of External Wall Components Using BIM: Case Study of Preschool Building
  • SDEWES2019-0381 New Approach in Process of Energy-Efficient Renovation Using the Effective U-value of Buildings
  • SDEWES2019-0840 Hygrothermal simulation to predict the preservation risk and thermal comfort in historic buildings. Effects of future climate change in the Mediterranean
  • SDEWES2019-0501 Design Optimization of Timber-Glass Upgrade Modules from Energy Efficiency and Visual Comfort Viewpoint
  • SDEWES2019-1019 Reference Building Identification for Rural Nigerian Buildings
  • SDEWES2019-0716 Transparent Renovation Techniques for Timber Floors – Is the Use of Structural Glass an Option?
  • SDEWES2019-0828 Motivational Measures to Raise Workplace Indoor Environment Quality
  • SDEWES2019-0838 The pivotal role of moisture buffering effect in energy simulation of historic buildings
Energy 4.0 – Use of big data and artificial intelligence in energy sector
  • SDEWES2019-1006 Development Energy demand prediction model from questionnaire survey and smart monitoring by using Deep learning; Case study in Bogor city, Indonesia
  • SDEWES2019-1081 SEGSys: A mapping system for segmentation analysis of energy consumption
  • SDEWES2019-0155 A New Deep Learning Approach For Energy Management and Optimisation of HVAC Systems For the Built Environment
  • SDEWES2019-0216 Application of Novel Deep Learning Approach for Accurate Detection of Equipment Loads for Reducing Building Energy Demand
  • SDEWES2019-0532 An innovative approach to design cogeneration systems based on big data analysis and use of clustering methods
  • SDEWES2019-0158 A new combined forecasting model based on gravitational search algorithm to predict short-term electricity price and load demand
Approaches to Educate University Students in Sustainable Development
  • SDEWES2019-0784 How the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Helps to Educate University Students in Sustainable Development
  • SDEWES2019-0783 An Approach for Learning about Clean Fuels: SAE BAJA Collegiate Competition
  • SDEWES2019-0799 Preparing University Students for the Future of Sustainable Transportation Through Formula SAE and the AutoDrive Challenge
  • SDEWES2019-0147 Education as a key to sustainable development: a competition among schools for promoting energy efficiency
  • SDEWES2019-0345 Efficiency and Sufficiency in electric energy: a study with higher education students
High Temperature Heat Transfer Process and Enhancement
  • SDEWES2019-0963 High power thermal energy storage based on metal alloys for the integration in industrial power plants
  • SDEWES2019-0709 Heat Transfer Analysis of Solar-Driven High-Temperature Thermochemical Reactor Using NiFe-Aluminate RPC
  • SDEWES2019-0492 Distributed Thermal Management System for Downhole Electronics at High Temperature
  • SDEWES2019-0237 Heat transfer characteristics and friction factor of various nanofluids in a double-pipe heat exchanger
  • SDEWES2019-0459 Microwave heating characteristics of biomass
  • SDEWES2019-1058 Effect of Copper Vacancies on Thermoelectric Properties of BiCuSeO
  • SDEWES2019-0228 Cooling enhancement of cabinet cooling system by utilizing cross-flow heat transfer
  • SDEWES2019-0105 Review of two types of surface modification on pool boiling enhancement: Passive and Active
Environmental safety of bio-waste in the circular economy – potential for energy and matter recovery
  • SDEWES2019-0284 Effect of silver nanoparticles supplied via sewage sludge on soil microbial communities
  • SDEWES2019-0225 The nitrogen fertilizer value of selected South African biosolids as affected by drying depth on beds
  • SDEWES2019-0266 Environmental risks of utilization of composts from automatic composters
  • SDEWES2019-0168 Intelligent facilities and sustainable development of municipal infrastructure - the circular economy concept in the water cycle and bio-waste management
  • SDEWES2019-0637 Waste derived biochar as an alternative filler in biocomposites - mechanical, thermal and morphological properties of biochar added biocomposites
  • SDEWES2019-0137 The influence of grease trap sludge sterilization on performance of anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge
  • SDEWES2019-0349 Ecotoxicology of silver species brought by sewage sludge in terrestrial environment
  • SDEWES2019-0136 Co-treatment of Sewage Sludge with Other Organic Waste Towards the Circular Bioeconomy
  • SDEWES2019-0405 Solar Pyrolysis of Waste Biomass: Impact of Biomass Chemical Component Shares on Product Distribution and Gas Product Composition
  • SDEWES2019-1018 Optimisation of Energy Consumption of Wastewater Treatment Plants Using Gradient Boosting Approaches
  • SDEWES2019-0535 Changes in soil parameters and microorganisms population in the process of assisted soil phytoremediation - long term sewage sludge soil application assessment
  • SDEWES2019-0665 Management of poultry manure in Poland – current state and future perspectives
  • SDEWES2019-1034 Effect of biowastes on soil remediation, plant productivity and soil organic carbon sequestration: A review
  • SDEWES2019-0145 The use of life cycle assessment models to optimise biogas value chains
  • SDEWES2019-0300 Phytotoxicity Assay to Assess Sewage Sludge Phytoremediation Rate Using Guaiacol Peroxidase Activity (GPX): A Comparison of Four Growth Substrates
  • SDEWES2019-0108 Pilot scale tests for ammonium recovery from sludge liquor at a waste water treatment plant
Carbon Capture for Climate Neutral Energy
  • SDEWES2019-0759 Flow Pattern and Behavior of 40 kWth Pulverized Torrefied Biomass Flames under Atmospheric and Oxy-fuel Conditions.
  • SDEWES2019-0774 3D Simulation of a 250 MWel oxy-fuel demonstration power plant
  • SDEWES2019-0789 The Effect of Steam and Sulphur Dioxide on the Impact Fragmentation Tendency of Sorbent Particles in Calcium Looping Systems
  • SDEWES2019-0795 Computational Chemistry as a Tool for Predictive Combustion Modeling
  • SDEWES2019-0842 Time-resolved volumetric measurement of OH radicals on single particles and particle groups
  • SDEWES2019-0861 Improving MOF-based solid sorbents for CCS strategies: the effect of hybridization with graphene-like layers on gas sorption at high pressure
Wind power sustainability
  • SDEWES2019-0920 Review of Non-intrusive Load Monitoring Methods in Distribution Networks to optimise renewable energy integration
  • SDEWES2019-0151 A review of the dynamic impacts of renewable generation, distributed generation and emerging smart loads on the power system
  • SDEWES2019-0165 A state of the art techno-economic review of distributed and embedded energy storage
  • SDEWES2019-0177 Levelised Cost of Energy, A Challenge for Offshore Wind
  • SDEWES2019-1023 Review on the Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade Materials Subject to Rain Erosion Testing
  • SDEWES2019-0164 Current Diagnostic and Prognostic Methods used in Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance
Wood biomass: applications and evaluations of energy, environmental and economic effects
  • SDEWES2019-0846 An overview of nitrogen oxides emissions from residential biomass combustion
  • SDEWES2019-0848 Development of a GIS-based Dataset of Urban Green Areas for the Energy Exploitation of Tree Pruning Biomass. The Application to the Case Study of Milan
  • SDEWES2019-0851 Wooden Biomass Cogeneration Coupled with Groundwater Heat Pumps and Photovoltaic Systems: the Case Study of a New Low Carbon District in Northern Italy
  • SDEWES2019-1011 Environmental Sustainability of Bioenergy from Energy Crops in Turkey
  • SDEWES2019-0990 Life cycle assessment of lignin-based carbon fibres
  • SDEWES2019-0788 Biomass behaviour upon Fast Pyrolysis in CO2: role of Lignin, Hemicellulose and Cellulose
Transition to sustainable knowledge society: Educational, technological and social challenges
  • SDEWES2019-0618 Review of the Technological Developments for the Energy Transition
  • SDEWES2019-1052 Expert System for Decision Support in Selection of Advisable Education
  • SDEWES2019-1025 Competencies for Sustainability and Circular Economy
  • SDEWES2019-1028 Scientific attention to sustainability: a Meta-analysis of academic papers about sustainability and SDGs
  • SDEWES2019-0540 Plasma technology used for energy harvesting
  • SDEWES2019-0578 Energy optimisation for reusable heavy-lift launch vehicles
  • SDEWES2019-0510 Challenges in Electromagnetic Underwater Pollution Sensing
Renewable energies, innovative HVAC systems and envelope technologies for the energy efficiency of buildings
  • SDEWES2019-0892 Assessment of Building Energy Modelling studies to meet the requirements of the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
  • SDEWES2019-0762 Evaluation of control strategies for radiant cooling panel systems with integrated phase change materials using whole-building energy simulations
  • SDEWES2019-0623 District heating: a dynamic simulation approach for energy and economic analyses
  • SDEWES2019-0506 Modeling of PV/T plants for thermal and electrical energy production in hot climates.
  • SDEWES2019-0815 Integration of reversible absorption heat pumps in micro-trigeneration systems: application to an office building
  • SDEWES2019-0729 A novel Integrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heating (ICSSWH) prototype: experimental investigation and simulation model
  • SDEWES2019-0697 Analysis of HVAC Systems for Deep Energy Savings at the Urban District Level
  • SDEWES2019-0742 The Effect of Shank-Space on the Thermal Performance of Shallow U-Tube Ground Heat Exchangers
  • SDEWES2019-0628 HVAC systems for trains, metro and tramways: dynamic simulation modelling for an energy efficient design and case study
  • SDEWES2019-0445 Experimental Assessment of a Pump-Assisted Loop Heat Pipe for Advanced Adsorption Chillers
  • SDEWES2019-0893 Modeling Wastewater Heat Recovery Heat Pump Systems
  • SDEWES2019-0845 Performance evaluation of a direct immersed PVT concentrator for building integration
  • SDEWES2019-0883 Analysis of solar gains and heat recovery in a dynamic wall system
  • SDEWES2019-0629 Modelling and simulation of a Building To Vehicle To Building system layout: case study and parametric analysis
  • SDEWES2019-0719 Design and simulation of a vacuum solar thermal flat plate collector prototype
  • SDEWES2019-0866 An innovative HVAC systems based on hydrogen technology for Buildings
  • SDEWES2019-1061 Impact of Climate Conditions and Energy Prices on Museums Refurbishments in Different European Countries Based on Geothermal Energy, Electrical Power or Natural Gas Systems
  • SDEWES2019-0732 Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of the Novel Senergy Polymer PV/T Collector for Building Integration
  • SDEWES2019-0822 Cost Optimal Analysis of Thermal and Electrical Production in Buildings: a Comparison among Technical Solutions Based on Conventional and Solar RES Systems
  • SDEWES2019-0852 Humans in the city: representing outdoor thermal comfort in urban canopy models
  • SDEWES2019-0931 Optimisation of Hybrid storage, Self Consumtion and Flexibility in Buildings - A simulation Study
  • SDEWES2019-0856 Assessment of integrated photovoltaic systems to the building in terms of human health with an application
  • SDEWES2019-0816 Life Cycle Assessment of Solar Communities: a Scenario Analysis
Small and large scale polygeneration for an efficient and sustainable energy conversion and supply in single users and small districts
  • SDEWES2019-0737 On the modelling of an Acid/Base Flow Battery: an innovative electrical energy storage device based on pH and salinity gradients
  • SDEWES2019-0802 District heating and polygeneration to increase whole energy systems flexibility
  • SDEWES2019-0813 The Role of Multi-Energy Polygeneration Plants in the Optimization Process of District Cooling & Heating Design and Operation
  • SDEWES2019-0821 Techno-Economic Assessment of an Ammonia-Fueled SOFC in Polygeneration Systems
  • SDEWES2019-0818 Co- and polygeneration of district heat, electricity and/or biomotor fuels in renewable-based energy systems
  • SDEWES2019-0853 High-efficiency cogeneration systems for the food industry
  • SDEWES2019-0835 Waste Vegetable Oil for Energy Production in Wastewater Treatment Plants: a Real Case Study
  • SDEWES2019-1085 Polygeneration of Decarbonized District Heat, Electricity and Synthetic Renewable Gas in Wind- and Solar-based Energy Systems
  • SDEWES2019-0825 Preliminary Assessment of Energy and Environmental Performance of a District Heating and Cooling Network Serving a Micro-Scale Italian Residential District
  • SDEWES2019-1082 Operation strategies of solar trigeneration plant in residential building
  • SDEWES2019-0836 Exergo-Economic Analysis of a Geothermal Energy System for Wastewater and Sludge Treatment
  • SDEWES2019-0429 Hybrid systems based on Building Integrated Photovoltaic Collectors and micro wind turbines: modelling and thermoeconomic analysis
  • SDEWES2019-0773 Performance analysis of a polygeneration system in different power grid efficiency scenarios
  • SDEWES2019-0869 Dynamic Simulations of the Electrodialysis Process as Energy Buffer for Polygeneration Systems
  • SDEWES2019-0854 Economic Feasibility Analysis and Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Rural Electrification in Different Climatic Zones of Peru
  • SDEWES2019-0167 Validation of the Experimental Tests of a Domestic Trigeneration Scheme with Hybrid RES and Desalting Techniques
  • SDEWES2019-0900 Design of the network of energy exchanges among prosumers in urban areas considering operational and environmental aspects
  • SDEWES2019-0426 Evaluation of the thermal load for a small district of Naples
Energy policy 1
  • SDEWES2019-0316 The economic case against 100% renewable energy systems
  • SDEWES2019-0027 Economic and Environmental Effects of the Electricity Self-consumption in Spain: An Input-Output Approach
  • SDEWES2019-0034 Distributional Impacts of Investment Subsidies for Residential Energy Technologies
  • SDEWES2019-0135 Supporting Local Authorities in the Building Stock Management: Main Results of the Application of an Integrated Approach in five Mediterranean Pilots
  • SDEWES2019-0255 Everyone Will Save – Modelling the Best Allocation Model for Consumers in District Heating
Energy policy 2
  • SDEWES2019-0403 Preventing the inevitable end-of-life residential solar photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems waste crisis: a conceptual model
  • SDEWES2019-0342 Renewable energy policy in China: from emulation to innovation
  • SDEWES2019-0826 Energy usage in residential-commercial sector in terms of environmental impacts and energy planning with Fuzzy TOPSIS method & Game Theory
  • SDEWES2019-0902 Is sub-Sahara Africa Ready for Renewable Energy Integration? Legal, Policy and Regulatory Challenges in the Case of Nigeria and the Gambia
  • SDEWES2019-0941 Management of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Residential Buildings through Energy Performance Certification in Lithuania
  • SDEWES2019-1083 Transition Pathways towards Carbon Neutral Electricity, Heating and Cooling Coupled System in Europe
Energy policy 3
  • SDEWES2019-0436 Cross subsidy in Russian electric power industry: establishing economically and socially optimal prices
  • SDEWES2019-0249 Influence of Different Strategic Decisions in Market Coupled Zones on the Energy System’s Expansion
  • SDEWES2019-0964 Learning in Energy Efficiency Policy
  • SDEWES2019-0969 Renovabio: Innovation and Sustainability at the new Brazilian Biofuels Policy or The Emperor’s New Clothes?
  • SDEWES2019-1005 ‘Well, we all want to be Climate Neutral’ Paradigms, participation, politics and interests in the transition to gas free heating systems
Poster session 1
  • SDEWES2019-0033 A multi-objective robust optimization model for the design of biomass co-firing supply networks under quality uncertainty (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0041 Energy Security Decision Making Tools - Analysis and Comparison (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0057 Life Cycle Assessment in Transport and Logistics – Research, Development and Trends (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0069 Sustainability assessment of conventional and innovative supersonic processes for ethylene oxide production (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0071 Evaluating the impact of demand management on the water crisis in small towns in Brazil’s semi-arid northeastern region: A System Dynamics approach (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0086 Increasing the integration of variable renewable energy in coal-based energy system using power to heat technologies (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0094 Supersonic Separators as a Flexible Natural Gas Processing Technology Facing Variable CO2 Contents due to Enhanced Oil Recovery Scenarios (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0097 Impact of Biomass Feedstock on Biodiesel Process Sustainability: Assessment from an Extended to a Reduced Set of Indicators via Principal Component Analysis (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0100 Free-standing Na0.33V2O5 electrode for flexible lithium ion batteries (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0104 Investigation on the fin position inside the horizontal cylinder unit for thermal energy storage using lattice Boltzmann method (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0117 The decarbonisation of the Italian electric sector: impact and costs of proposable solutions (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0127 Cross-Axis Control System Design Suitable for Geothermal Well Drilling Systems (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0157 Providing Comfortable Environment in Skycourts Within High-rise Buildings (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0161 Solar Pavements for Reducing the Heat Island Effect and Thermal Energy Collection: Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Impact of the Urban Environment (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0219 Thermal Chair for Optimising Comfort and Energy in the Workplace: Review and BES modelling (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0222 Assessing the Energy Saving Potential of Passive Strategies in the Top Upcoming Megacities (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0232 Emission and characterization of particulate matter from a 30 MW biomass-fired power plant in China (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0401 Impact of climate change on surface condensation (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0495 Mechanism of Sulfate Deposits on the metal Surfaces after LLT-ESP in a 1000-MW Coal-Fired Power Plant (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0190 Numerical study of flow field and residence time distribution in structured packed beds (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-1088 Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Strategy of Fuel Cells to Activate Distributed Generation Systems in the Future (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0666 Exergoeconomic Analysis as a Tool for Supporting the Design and Operation of Multiple Chiller Systems in Air Conditioning Applications. (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0233 Combustibility analysis of high-carbon ash from entrained flow gasifiers (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0234 High-temperature corrosion of water-wall tubes in oxy-combustion atmosphere (poster)
Poster session 2
  • SDEWES2019-0286 Modelling and experimental validation of PV panels cooling system (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0290 Algorithms for determination of the vector velocity field in a two-phase gas-liquid flow (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0299 Effect of source of inoculum, type of defined medium as well as substrate to inoculum ratios on methane yield and kinetic parameters (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0339 Comparative Biosorption of Congo Red Dye and Hexavalent Chromium using Pleurotus Mutilus Biomass in Aqueous Solutions (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0350 Residential Sector Energy Demand Estimation for a Single Family Dwelling (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0353 Disturbance of sustainability of the reservoir ecosystem: a model approach for assessing and forecasting the long-term process of eutrophication (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0374 Simulation of Biogas Production from Agro-residues to Produce Bioenergy (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0398 Energy planning and climate change mitigation: a meta-analysis (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0460 The influence of UV radiation of disinfection support on changes in the content of biodegradable fraction in water (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0470 Influence of heat recovery from flue gas on thermal performance of a steam power plant with seawater refrigerated condenser: a case study (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0472 Assessment of Energy Development Impacts on the Research and Innovation System (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0171 Towards a Low-carbon Future: Going beyond Nationally Determined Contributions in Ten Emerging, Developing and Least Developed Countries (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0242 Urban sprawl and energy consumption: a computable general equilibrium model to the case of Madrid (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0259 Simulation and modelling of the sustainable biomass based heating system for low energy construction buildings for rural area (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0006 The distribution of income & food-energy-water nexus (FEW nexus) expenditures of German households – an impact assessment time series model (poster)
Poster session 3
  • SDEWES2019-0638 Potential of plant biomass residues and kitchen waste for production of composts for vegan agriculture (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0644 New biomorphic filters to face upcoming PM emissions policies: A review of the FIL-BIO-DIESEL Project (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0647 wind electric heating and cooling system for an office application (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0658 Assessment of Opportunities for NOx Reduction from Lignite-fired Steam Generator (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0673 Poultry manure dervied biochars - designing properties for selected applications (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0676 Energy Consumption, Carbon Emissions and Economic Assessments of a Large-Scale Bioethanol Biorefinery: The Influence of Sugarcane Supply-Chain (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0677 Bioenergy Production and CO2 Sinking in a Sugarcane Biorefinery Integrated to Offshore Reservoirs for Enhanced Oil Recovery by Shared Pipeline: Full Carbon Balance and Economic Performance (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0679 Treatment of high-strength organic wastewater using electron beam irradiation and electrochemical biological reactor (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0698 Flexible Reduced Order Building Modeling for Fifth-Generation District Heating and Cooling Networks (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0704 Non-Precious Metal Catalysts with Different Spherical Particle Sizes towards for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Condition (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0717 Adaptive State of Charge Control for a Battery Hybrid Locomotive Based on Track Condition Provided by a Remote Wireless Sensor Network (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0743 Universal design model and multi-objective optimisation of undershoot waterwheels (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0749 About path to drinking the best spirits for the environment: factors assessment under a NEXUS energy-water approach (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0792 Feasibility Analysis of a Combined CLC Combustion and Renewable-Energy-Based Methane Production System for CO2 Capture and Utilization (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0833 GEMINI: Test Cells for the Acoustic, Visual and Thermal Performances Evaluation of Double-Skin Facades (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0953 Fast Pyrolysis in CO2-rich Atmospheres of biomass components: Lignin, Hemicellulose and Cellulose (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0973 The Role and Importance of Public Hearings in Strategic Decisions on the Construction of SHPPs (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0985 Natural gas use in the transport sector of São Paulo State: environmental benefits in 2035 (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-1010 A review of woody biomass energy systems and natural ecosystem impacts in Japan (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-1026 Catalytic ozonation of toluene ovr Mn based bimetallic catalysts (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0615 The impacts of silver nanoparticles on anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge: process performance and microbial community (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0551 Catalytic fast pyrolysis of tulip tree (Liriodendron) for upgrading bio-oil in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0567 Facile spray pyrolysis synthesis of various M-N-C particles as enhanced electrocatalysts (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0569 The Potential of Cosolvents in Heterogeneously and Homogeneously Catalyzed Methanolysis of Oil (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0625 Heat recovery from LNG engines onboard modern cruise ships: dynamic modelling and system thermoeconomic optimization (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-1020 Youth Unemployment in European Islands: Tackling the Challenge through Sustainable Development (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0101 Numerical investigation of a novel cryogenic thermal energy storage for Liquid Air Energy Storage application (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0156 How to Go Where We Need to Go: A Just Climate Transition (poster)
Poster session 4
  • SDEWES2019-0250 Socio-Economic Effects of Circular Economy and Corresponding Changes in the Waste Management System Structure (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0293 Experimental investigation of syngas composition evolution along the gasifier height during the updraft gasification of lignocellulosic feedstock (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0624 New Software for the Techno-Economic Analysis of Small Hydro Power Plants (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0870 Large-scale biomass briquette co-firing and its application in Shaanxi, China (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0359 An Evaluation of the Effects of the Potato Starch on the Biogas Produced From the Anaerobic Digestion of the Potato Wastes (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0855 From target to reality: barriers and policy implications for bioenergy in Italy (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0922 Proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system mathematical modelling (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0092 Targeting low carbon emissions in fossil-fired power plants with a novel capture process based on ionic liquid absorption and high-pressure CO2 stripping (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0583 Methods and Tools for Environmental Technologies Risk Evaluation (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0767 Feasibility Study for Water-Electricity Cogeneration Using Integrated System of CSP and Biofuel as Renewable Energy Sources (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-1038 Calculation of Radiative Heat Transfer in a Real Industrial Applications for More Accurate Modelling of Pollution Formation (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-1048 Enhanced waste heat recovery of flue gas by convection to radiation converter (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-1066 Ground-Penetrating Radar Investigation of the St. Benedict Church in Kančevci (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-1071 Secondary raw material from red mud and other sludge waste (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-1076 TIMES-WAPP, a Long-Term Prospective Model for the West African Power System (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0209 Usage of Cloud Tracking Solar Forecasting Methodology in Power System Operation (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0285 Long-term optimal sizing of rural microgrids: accounting for load evolution through multi-period investment plan (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0570 Energy consumption and LCA analysis of unconventional waste water and sewage sludge processing in small waste water treatment plant (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0631 Properties of concrete enhanced with phase change materials for building applications
  • SDEWES2019-0608 Multi-criteria analysis of SOFCs performances integrated in circular bio-processes (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-1074 Characteristics of Asphalt Heat in high latitude (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-1069 Crystal Structure and Thermoelectric Properties of p-type Bi0.86Ba0.14CuSeO/xCu2-ySe Composites (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0617 First Results of Innovative Didactic Tools of Building Physics in Architecture Curriculum at Politecnico di Milano (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0736 DDE degradation in soil by using Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs)
Sustainability comparisons and measurements 1
  • SDEWES2019-0070 A Review on Chemical Process Sustainability Assessment: Boundary, Production, Level, Sustainability Dimensions and Decision-Making Analyses
  • SDEWES2019-0120 The energy efficiency measures of carbon negative transportation for sustainable wood procurement in the Finnish forest industry
  • SDEWES2019-0143 Potential of emergy-based and input-output accounting for circular economy strategies: case of Stockholm city-region
  • SDEWES2019-0198 Integrating future background scenarios for prospective LCA – method and case study on the German energy system
Sustainability comparisons and measurements 3
  • SDEWES2019-0599 Exergy Cost and Specific CO2 Emissions of the Electricity Generation in the Netherlands
  • SDEWES2019-0207 Focus points for sustainable development strategies – text mining-based comparative analysis of voluntary national reviews
  • SDEWES2019-0265 Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Eco-Bricks and Concrete Hollow Blocks for Single-Storey Buildings
  • SDEWES2019-0327 Comparison study of the environmental impact of different biogas uses: CHP, CHCP or biomethane upgrading.
  • SDEWES2019-0930 Environmental and Economic Assessment of Future Electricity Scenarios for Remote Communities in Developing Countries
Sustainability comparisons and measurements 2
  • SDEWES2019-1045 Comparative Carbon Footprint and Cost Assessment of Owned Goods and Using of Sharing Services
  • SDEWES2019-0887 A Novel Superstructural Approach to Company Supply Network Optimisation with Application to the Aluminium Industry
  • SDEWES2019-1016 Life Cycle Assessment of Formaldehyde Production from Renewable Sources
  • SDEWES2019-1002 The Logic of Implementing Exemplary Smart Energy Systems to a Building
  • SDEWES2019-0997 Methods and Tools for Environmental Technologies Risk Evaluation- The Principal Guidelines -a Review
  • SDEWES2019-0048 A novel natural ventilation windcatcher with heat recovery for temperate climates: CFD and wind tunnel study
  • SDEWES2019-0385 Energy-Efficient Optimal Ventilation System Using AI-Dynamic Programming and Energy Demand Forecasting Model of Deep Learning for Climate Change
  • SDEWES2019-0961 3DANN: A quasi-analytical solution for building ground-coupled heat loss
  • SDEWES2019-0661 Contrasting Thermal Performance Characterisation Standards for Combined Heat Pump and Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems for Dwellings
  • SDEWES2019-0995 The Circular Type Pod Silencer for a Building Ventilation Axial-Flow Fan
  • SDEWES2019-0154 A Novel Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Modelling of Roof Mounted Renewable Energy Installations in Buildings for Extreme Weather and Typhoon Resilience
Energy, Industry, Emissions
  • SDEWES2019-0294 Resource assessment of Lithium-Ion and Vanadium-Redox Flow Batteries foreseeing the recycling 4.0
  • SDEWES2019-0093 Assessing the Economic and Environmental Performance of a Novel Process for Producing Liquified Natural Gas with Supersonic Separators
  • SDEWES2019-0731 Analysis of a novel CO2 emission mitigation concept applied to the ceramic industry
  • SDEWES2019-0463 Comparative Analysis of Thermal Expansion Additives on Slagging Characteristics of Xinjiang High-sodium Coal
  • SDEWES2019-1035 Life cycle assessment and management of a newly-developed solar cement kiln
  • SDEWES2019-1065 Entropy Analysis of Complete Condensation of Saturated Steam on a Vertical Wall Using Nusselt Velocity and Temperature Profile in a Condensate Layer
Green economy and better governance
  • SDEWES2019-0480 Economic aspects of a Deposit Refund System for beverage packaging
  • SDEWES2019-0111 Would it Be Possible to Increase the Environmental Flows in the Ebro River Delta? A Multiregional Analysis using Hydro-Economic plus Input-Output Modelling
  • SDEWES2019-0244 Green Infrastructure Valuation: a Literature Review on Valuation Toolkits from Urban Planning Perspective
  • SDEWES2019-0302 Insights from the Sustainable Energy Action Plan Revision - is the 2030 Goal Achievable?
  • SDEWES2019-1105 Energy Consumption and the Good Life
Smart energy systems 1
  • SDEWES2019-0113 Electrification of Transport and Residential Heating Sectors in Support of Renewable Penetration: Scenarios for the Italian Energy System
  • SDEWES2019-0066 Industrial Energy Cooperation - Analysis of Barriers
  • SDEWES2019-0516 A Review on Energy Storage and Demand Response Solutions in Smart Energy Islands
  • SDEWES2019-0558 A Cross-EU Comparison of Battery Support Schemes for Residential PV-powered Microgrid Systems
  • SDEWES2019-0581 Multi-objective investment optimization applied at a multi-node energy system model for energy scenarios in 2050: The Italian case study
  • SDEWES2019-0595 Smart Energy Cities – in a 100% Renewable Energy Context
Smart energy systems 2
  • SDEWES2019-0597 4th generation district heating in Aalborg Municipality – Effects on heat sources and system efficiencies
  • SDEWES2019-0619 Comparison of Mathematical and Meta-Heuristic Optimisation Methods for Grid Edge Technology Based on Heat Pumps and Thermal Energy Storage
  • SDEWES2019-0632 Decarbonising the EU heating sector: coupling the heating and power sectors towards 2050 — the role of centralised CHP plants and district heat
  • SDEWES2019-0668 Energy Distribution Planning and Control for Mircogrids by P-graphs
  • SDEWES2019-0322 Performance evaluation of a seawater heat pump and comparison of economic benefits of demand response analyses using seasonal performance factor and hourly coefficient of performance
  • SDEWES2019-0998 Improvement of smart city energy efficiency planning by including uncertainties: developing methodology for characterization and quantification uncertainties
Water-energy nexus 1
  • SDEWES2019-0060 The potential of reducing carbon emissions by integrating water and renewable energy systems
  • SDEWES2019-0098 Daily rainfall-runoff modelling using the Artificial Neural Network based on Particle Swarm Optimization: A case study for Southeast Queensland, Australia
  • SDEWES2019-0139 Fluoride Removal from Groundwater by Zirconium Impregnated Anion Exchange Resin
  • SDEWES2019-0239 Application of Level-set Method to Analysis of Surface Water Flows
  • SDEWES2019-0724 The implications of national climate targets on the energy-water nexus applied on a case study of Germany
Water-energy nexus 2
  • SDEWES2019-0408 Water accumulation as energy storage, conflicting purposes and nature inspired optimization modelling
  • SDEWES2019-0348 Hydrogen Production from Wastewater: A Comparative Study on Low Energy Intensive Production Processes
  • SDEWES2019-0415 A Markov chain model for precipitation to be used in optimal reservoir operation
  • SDEWES2019-0621 Modeling the Water-Energy Nexus for wastewater treatment plants- A Review
  • SDEWES2019-0297 Reducing Energy Costs of the Wastewater Treatment Plant by Improved Scheduling of the Periodic Influent Load
  • SDEWES2019-0690 Feasibility of a Desalination Plant Coupled with a Mini Gas Turbine Combined Cycle
Environmental policy and management 1
  • SDEWES2019-0106 Prioritization of Stormwater Management Sites in Urban Areas
  • SDEWES2019-0125 The prediction of CO2 emissions in domestic power generation sector between 2020 and 2030
  • SDEWES2019-0320 Green Infrastructure Impact on Air Pollution Reduction Considering the Effects of Meteorological and Climate Factors
  • SDEWES2019-0991 Balancing the trade-off between promoting renewable energy and protecting ecosystem services under climate change
Environmental policy and management 2
  • SDEWES2019-0341 Environmental Assessment in Reclamation Activities: Consolidate and Innovative Technologies in Comparison
  • SDEWES2019-0499 The Analysis of External Environmental Costs of Fine Particulate Matter in Kaohsiung Port Area
  • SDEWES2019-0952 The impact of renewable energy on economic growth in the Mediterranean countries.
Energy system analysis 2
  • SDEWES2019-0700 Hierarchizing Energy Saving Strategies in Wine Industry by Advanced Modelling of Chilling Units Operation
  • SDEWES2019-0050 Greenhouse Gas Credits from Integrated Waste-to-Energy Plant
  • SDEWES2019-0153 Preliminary off-design performance evaluation of a P2G system coupled with renewables
  • SDEWES2019-0318 Exploring the impact of demand response actions on thermal comfort and energy cost in the residential sector in Greece
  • SDEWES2019-0321 Future development of the European solar market towards decentralized renewable energy generation and storage: A cross-country comparative analysis
  • SDEWES2019-0728 Analysis of Thermochemical Energy Storage System based on Zeolite/Water Reacting Pair for Residential Application in Mediterranean Climate
Energy system analysis 3
  • SDEWES2019-0464 A Multi-period Optimal Scheduling Algorithm in Microgrids with Energy Storage Systems using Decomposed Inter-temporal Constraints
  • SDEWES2019-0418 Power Capacity Expansion Modelling using Data Envelopment Analysis
  • SDEWES2019-0428 A Sensitivity Analysis on large-scale electrical Energy Storage Requirements in Europe
  • SDEWES2019-0571 Pathways for Biomass, CCS and CCU in the French decarbonisation strategy
  • SDEWES2019-0660 Modelling Approaches for Sector Coupling in European Power Systems: The Open-source Dispa-SET Model
Energy system analysis 4
  • SDEWES2019-0585 Design of a Future Hydrogen Infrastructure to Supply Electricity and Hydrogen Demand across Europe
  • SDEWES2019-0594 Integration of Gas Switching Chemical Looping Technology in IGCC Plants for Inherent CO2 Capture
  • SDEWES2019-0994 Necessity for environmental management of solar power plants: Examining the loss of forests and moorlands, and natural disaster damage
  • SDEWES2019-0085 Bottom-Up and Top-Down Heat Demand Mapping Methods for small Municipalities, Case Gllogoc
  • SDEWES2019-0126 Islanded microgrid optimal control system to enhance small-signal stability
Renewable energy resources 1
  • SDEWES2019-0090 Dynamic Biomass Potential from Agricultural Land
  • SDEWES2019-0112 Control of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Response to Sea Waves
  • SDEWES2019-0114 Solar Combined Cooling Heating and Power Systems based on PVT collectors for Industrial Applications: Technoeconomic Assessment
  • SDEWES2019-0176 Nickel Oxide Containing Carbon Nanotubes as an Efficient Hybrid Hole Collector for High Performance Perovskite Solar Cells
  • SDEWES2019-0246 Waste HDPE/LDPE/PP/PET pyrolysis to obtaining syngas over ZSM-5 supported bimetallic catalysts
  • SDEWES2019-0251 Thermo-catalytic pyrolysis of plastic waste and biomass mixture using synthetic zeolites: quality increasing of pyrolysis oils
Renewable energy resources 2
  • SDEWES2019-0543 Diffusion of Solar PV in the Residential Sector: Review of Modelling Approaches
  • SDEWES2019-0281 Modeling and experimental validation of the long-term averaged solar radiation on a sloped south-east facing surface under the Mediterranean climate conditions
  • SDEWES2019-0362 The preparation of mixture of methyl and butyl esters by transesterification of rapeseed oil
  • SDEWES2019-0400 Estimation of power production of wind potential
  • SDEWES2019-0425 Thermoeconomic analysis of a geothermal trigeneration system: a case study for a commercial user in Naples
  • SDEWES2019-1094 Efficiency increase of CHP-DH systems by RES integration
Renewable energy resources 4
  • SDEWES2019-0148 A GIS based approach for evaluating the spatial distribution and seasonal variation of biogas production potential
  • SDEWES2019-0548 Hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol as a bio-oil model compound using spray pyrolysis prepared silica-alumina catalysts
  • SDEWES2019-0584 Spatially explicit assessment of local HTL potential from urban waste streams in EU-28
  • SDEWES2019-0663 Novel Geothermal Gradient Map of the Croatian Part of the Pannonian Basin System
  • SDEWES2019-0714 Multichannel red phosphorus with a nanoporous architecture: a novel anode material for sodium-ion batteries
  • SDEWES2019-0753 Fluidized bed gasification of biomass from plant-assisted bioremediation: characterization of products
Renewable energy resources 3
  • SDEWES2019-0986 Supercritical Water Gasification of Lignocellulosic Biomass, Operational Aspects
  • SDEWES2019-1008 Monitoring Forest Biomass in Fukushima Prefecture with Multispectral Remote Sensing Data
  • SDEWES2019-0576 Enhancing Bioenergy Recovery from Agro-Food Wastes as a Strategy to Promote Circular Bioeconomy
  • SDEWES2019-0263 Technical and Economic Analysis of Integrating Anaerobic Digestion with Sugar Production
  • SDEWES2019-1070 Reliable Renewable Hybrid Energy Solutions
  • SDEWES2019-1039 Optimizing the Grid Connection Scheme of the Wind Power Plant
Renewable electricity generation systems
  • SDEWES2019-0201 Suspension-Firing of Biomass for Heat and Power Generation: Development of Biomass Preparation for Resolving the Critical Firing Issues (poster)
  • SDEWES2019-0162 Hybrid Control of Wind Generation and Energy Storage to Enhance Wind Farms’ Ability to Provide System Services
  • SDEWES2019-0568 Rural electrification – willingness to pay assessment in Niger
  • SDEWES2019-0620 Effect of Working Fluid on Characteristics of Organic Rankine Cycle with Medium Temperature Geothermal Water
  • SDEWES2019-0943 Assessing the Economic and Global Warming Potential of Integrating Existing Austrian Biogas Plants into the Electricity Market
  • SDEWES2019-0960 Development of Portable Ultra-small Biomass Gasification and Power Generation System
Thermal power plants
  • SDEWES2019-0179 Reactor Design of Honeycomb Desulfurization Process for Equalizing Sorbent Usage with Improved Flow Distribution.
  • SDEWES2019-0192 Thermodynamics of carbon dioxide related compounds
  • SDEWES2019-0276 Post-Combustion Carbon Capture: Investigation of Chemical Absorption with Phase-Changing Solvents in a Bench-Scale Plant Operating in Batch Mode
  • SDEWES2019-0435 Shock tube evaluation on C2H4 self-ignition character among N2, Ar, He, CO2 diluent gases
  • SDEWES2019-0493 Study on the Structure and Arrangement Characteristics of Vortex Generators Applied for Improving the Particle Agglomeration in Turbulent Flow
District heating and/or cooling 1
  • SDEWES2019-0037 Designing the Heat Merit Order to evaluate the economic feasibility of integrating Alternative Heat Sources into District Heating Networks.
  • SDEWES2019-0588 A Virtual Test-Bed for Model Predictive Control Developments in District Cooling Production Systems
  • SDEWES2019-0738 Availability of excess heat from power transformers in future scenarios
  • SDEWES2019-0518 Analysis of a biomass micro combined heat and power device
  • SDEWES2019-0957 Coupling Simulation with Artificial Neural Networks for the Optimisation of HVAC Controls in Manufacturing Environments
District heating and/or cooling 2
  • SDEWES2019-0178 Hourly Analysis of Excess Heat Utilization in District Heating Systems in Combination with Thermal Storage
  • SDEWES2019-0180 The Effect of Different Temperature Levels of the Excess Heat Source on the Levelized Cost of Excess Heat
  • SDEWES2019-0958 District Heating Fault Detection using Clustering Algorithms
  • SDEWES2019-0307 The Impact of Electricity Market Price Reduction on Optimal Power-to-Heat Capacities in District Heating System
  • SDEWES2019-1060 Optimising capacities for distributed renewable heat supply in a residential area connected to district heating
Research, innovation and development
  • SDEWES2019-0084 Application of Videogrammetry in the Mechanics of Multi-Phase Systems
  • SDEWES2019-0413 Eliciting preferences for carbon capture and utilisation technologies: do policymakers prefer what they know best?
  • SDEWES2019-0523 A Review on Learning Effects in Prospective Technology Assessment
  • SDEWES2019-0591 Implementation of gamma irradiation technology in the processes for preservation of spices as food additives
Advanced sustainable energy conversion systems
  • SDEWES2019-0368 Reversible Fuel Cells and Power to Gas Applications
  • SDEWES2019-0144 Modelling the impact of low-GWP fluids as substitutes of R134a into a kW-size reciprocating piston expander
  • SDEWES2019-0471 Facile synthesis of atomically dispersed hollow Co-N-C spherical particles and their oxygen reduction activity in acid media
  • SDEWES2019-0505 Thermoelectric Properties Tuning in Mixed Valence Inorganic Solid Compound - In5S5Br by Oriented Mutual Chalcogenide Substitutions
Biofuels and biorefineries
  • SDEWES2019-0191 Selective Production of Green Aromatics by Catalytic Conversion of Biomass
  • SDEWES2019-0142 Integrated techno-economic assessment of a bio-refinery process: the high-end valorization of the lignocellulosic fraction in wood streams
  • SDEWES2019-0272 Supercritical Pyrolysis of Lignin using a High Pressure Tandem micro-reactor-GC/MS
  • SDEWES2019-0310 Impacts of Cassava’s peel starch on the biogas produced through anaerobic digestion process
  • SDEWES2019-0586 High Active Catalysts for the Dehydration of Isopropanol
  • SDEWES2019-0646 Dehydration of Bioethanol to Ethylene in Flow Reactor
Waste and wastewater treatment and reuse 1
  • SDEWES2019-0064 Preparation of Self-heating Geopolymers Using Industrial Waste Products
  • SDEWES2019-0039 Electrolytic purification of metal copper recovery from waste lithium batteries
  • SDEWES2019-0119 Application of Ceramic Waste in Brick Blocks with Enhanced Acoustic Properties
  • SDEWES2019-0172 Lithium-Ion Batteries towards Circular Economy: a Literature Review of Opportunities and Issues of Recycling Treatments
  • SDEWES2019-0150 Recycling Behaviour of Private Households and Network Externalities: An Experimental Investigation of Individual Preferences
Waste and wastewater treatment and reuse 2
  • SDEWES2019-0622 Challenges of COD Removal in a Conventional Activated Sludge System Treating Coke Oven Wastewater
  • SDEWES2019-0993 Thermogravimetric Analysis and Kinetic Study of Mixed Plastic Waste
  • SDEWES2019-1000 Energy saving and environmental benefit of waste-to-energy transition in China
  • SDEWES2019-0414 Investigation of Dye Removal Capability of Blast Furnace Slag in Wastewater Treatment
  • SDEWES2019-0074 Promising large-scale energy storage system: Rechargeable seawater battery
  • SDEWES2019-0129 Electrochemical Properties of Lotus Root-Shaped Multichannel Carbon Nanotube for Lithium-Sulfur Battery Applications
  • SDEWES2019-0449 Research on the development of a chemical stability index for gasolines containing biocomponents
  • SDEWES2019-0715 Cascaded phase change materials in a packed bed thermal energy storage system: effect and solutions of filling void ratio with sensible heat materials
  • SDEWES2019-0419 Application of nanoparticles and nanofluids for upgrade of the phase change materials
Energy and water efficiency 1
  • SDEWES2019-0061 Effect of the Choice of Method for Determination of the Thermal Resistance of Fouling on the Scheduling of Heat Exchangers Cleaning
  • SDEWES2019-0073 Sustainable power production by optimal energy recovery and waste treatment with PRO membrane based on a ChExPA (chemical exergy pinch analysis) – Industrial application in a sugar mill plant
  • SDEWES2019-0278 Integral Methodology for Manufacturing Processes’ Energy Efficiency Assessment
  • SDEWES2019-0522 Design of a Radiant Heat Capturing Device for Steel Mills
  • SDEWES2019-1001 Possibility to Building Smart Energy Sharing Network in an Industrial Park Through the Information Sharing
  • SDEWES2019-0395 Thermal Calculations of Plate-Fin-and-Tube Heat Exchangers with Different Heat Transfer Coefficients on Each Tube Row.
Energy and water efficiency 2
  • SDEWES2019-0363 A Review of Organic Rankine Cycle Use in Heat Integration of Production Processes
  • SDEWES2019-0282 Life Cycle Assessment of an inline heat exchanger for heat recovery from drain water in a commercial kitchen
  • SDEWES2019-0653 Bringing Value to the Toys Industry through Ecodesign
  • SDEWES2019-0654 Steam System Optimization of an Industrial Heat and Power Generation Facility
  • SDEWES2019-0221 Optimization study on extraction of polyphenols from plum seeds (Pruni domesticae semen)
  • SDEWES2019-0053 Development of an Energy Audit Working Procedure for the UP National Engineering Center
Various Sustainability topics 1
  • SDEWES2019-0477 Generational Differences in Household Car Ownership: Evidence from Taiwan
  • SDEWES2019-0317 Estimating the potential of Ride Sharing in urban areas: the Milan Metropolitan Area case study
  • SDEWES2019-1056 Analysis of the labour market and training needs in the field of Thermal Power Systems for cleaner environment: evidences from the ASIAXIS Erasmus+ Project
  • SDEWES2019-1055 Low carbon options for industrial districts in Pakistan: a case study
Various Sustainability topics 2
  • SDEWES2019-0872 A Review on Alternative Fuels in Future Energy System
  • SDEWES2019-0735 Advanced Exergy Analysis of Natural Gas Liquefaction System
Qualifying & Implementing a User-Centric Designed & Efficient Electric Vehicle – The QUIET Project Session
  • SDEWES2019-1054 Model-based design of an HVAC control strategy
  • SDEWES2019-1075 Potential analysis – How to increase the maximum driving range of electric vehicles
  • SDEWES2019-1078 Thermal Management Solutions using Open Porous Metal Structures
  • SDEWES2019-1080 Thermal Storage with High Power Outputs Using Phase Change Materials
  • SDEWES2019-1036 Energy Consumption, Driving Range and Cabin Temperature Performances at Different Ambient Conditions in Support to the Design of a User Centric Efficient Electric Vehicle: the QUIET Project
  • SDEWES2019-1084 Control-oriented Modelling of Vapour Compression Cycle Including Model-order Reduction and Analysis Tools
  • SDEWES2019-1086 Control Trajectory Optimisation and Optimised Control Strategy for an Electric Vehicle HVAC System and Favourable Thermal Comfort
  • SDEWES2019-0726 Sustainability Issues in Logistics education - a European Perspective
  • SDEWES2019-0031 Key Factors Influencing Purchasing Decisions of Low Emission Vehicles: A Study of Republic of Serbia
  • SDEWES2019-0258 Sustainable Mobility; Multi-National Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Consumers’ Drivers and Barriers
  • SDEWES2019-0468 Life Cycle Assessment of Diesel and Alternative Fuels in a Public Vehicle
  • SDEWES2019-0256 Variation of chemical composition of street dust in a highly industrialized city in the interval of ten years
  • SDEWES2019-0498 The Analysis of Shipping Companies’ Carbon Mitigation Strategies Under Carbon Allowance Allocation
Water and Water-energy nexus
  • SDEWES2019-0019 DRASTIC model and GIS techniques a tool to study the hydrogeological vulnerability and pollution risk mapping to the Quaternary-Tertiary aquifer in the Liwa area, United Arab Emirates
  • SDEWES2019-0170 Preliminary evaluation of the Water-Energy-Land Nexus (WELN) using indicators based on exergy: The Chilean Electric System case
  • SDEWES2019-1064 Water Scenarios Modelling for Renewable Energy Development in Southern Morocco
  • SDEWES2019-1067 Water Quality Assessment of the River with Weirs
Alternative fuels/ Biofuels
  • SDEWES2019-0928 Mapping the potential marginal land resources for Cassava in China
  • SDEWES2019-0128 Study on Turbulence Characteristics in a New Turbulent Constant Volume Combustion Bomb
  • SDEWES2019-0138 Fuel purpose hydrocracking of biomass based Fischer-Tropsch paraffin mixture on bifunctional catalysts
  • SDEWES2019-0559 Water-in-Diesel Fuel Stable in a Wide Temperature Range
  • SDEWES2019-0785 Characterization and Potential of Waste Cooking Oils for Biodiesel Production
  • SDEWES2019-0610 Springboard applications for small cogeneration plants based on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Energy system analysis 1
  • SDEWES2019-0336 Virtual Power Plant Portfolio Selection under Social Costs for Electricity Generation Technologies
  • SDEWES2019-0513 Transmission Cost Allocation in Meshed AC-DC grids
  • SDEWES2019-1024 HyFlow – A Modelling and Simulation Tool for Hybrid Grids
  • SDEWES2019-1037 Modeling, planning and operation of grid-based multi-energy systems
  • SDEWES2019-1077 Analysis of the possibilities of solving the problem of energy poverty in households in a rural commune.
  • SDEWES2019-0252 Spatial planning for waste heat input in district heating networks
Waste and wastewaters
  • SDEWES2019-1053 Performance Enhancement of Microbubble Pump Having “S-shaped” Impeller
  • SDEWES2019-0526 The Effects of Salt Concentration on the Rejection of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds (PhACs) by Nanofiltration Membranes
  • SDEWES2019-0988 Adsorption; a Decision Maker in the Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol on Co-Catalysts Doped TiO2.
  • SDEWES2019-0335 Modelling of Solid Particle Transport in Torus Reactor
  • SDEWES2019-1027 Environmental Performance of Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Management in the Spain – Portugal Cross-Border Cooperation Area
Smart energy systems/ Vehicles
  • SDEWES2019-0605 Method for assessing small-to-medium vehicle driving cycles based on real GPS data
  • SDEWES2019-0592 Policies and incentives for a 4th generation district heating system
  • SDEWES2019-0999 Dynamic Model Update Method by Demand Probability Forecast Method and Anomaly Detection
  • SDEWES2019-1072 Prediction of EV users' Behavior for V2G (Vehicle to Grid)
  • SDEWES2019-0444 Cascade Optimization of Control Variables for a Series-Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle Power-train
Green economy and markets
  • SDEWES2019-0674 A decomposition analysis of the energy intensity change of European manufacturing industries
  • SDEWES2019-1042 Real Estate Power Purchase Agreements – Financing a Renewable Energy System
  • SDEWES2019-0706 Surviving in the Energy Transition: Sustainable Business Models for the Incumbents in Germany's Electricity Market
  • SDEWES2019-1030 Wind speed modelling
  • SDEWES2019-0984 Modelling Brazilian food demand for 2035: insights and implications for sustainable development
Storage/ Batteries
  • SDEWES2019-0442 State of the Art of Adsorption Heat Storage Systems
  • SDEWES2019-1063 A preliminary test for using a borehole as cool storage
  • SDEWES2019-0710 Confined Tin Disulfide Nanodots in N-doped Carbon Layers as Efficient Pseudocapacitive Electrodes for Na-ion Storage
  • SDEWES2019-1059 Simultaneous State and Parameter Estimation for an Electric Scooter Battery Pack
  • SDEWES2019-0196 Synthesis of Optimal Battery State of Charge Trajectory in the Presence of Varying Road Grade for a Parallel Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • SDEWES2019-1043 Temperature dependency measure system for automotive batteries.
Air Pollution/ Waste
  • SDEWES2019-1096 Preliminary feasibility study on the implementation of a small-scale biogas system from anaerobic digestion of human excreta: Case study urban community Nima in Accra, Ghana
  • SDEWES2019-1087 Dispersion Analysis for Construction dust from Construction Sites considering Weather Condition
  • SDEWES2019-0260 Concentration variability of water-soluble ions during the winter season and smog situation in an industrial region
  • SDEWES2019-0514 A New Preprocessing Tool of ECMWF Data for CALMET Forecasting Simulations
No session defined
Track: Sustainability comparisons and measurements
Subtrack: life cycle analysis
  • SDEWES2019-1068 End-of-life Options for Composite Material Wind Turbine Blades : Recover, Repurpose or Reuse?


Benchmarking the performance of cities across energy, water and environment systems
related metrics presents an opportunity to trigger policy learning, action, and cooperation to bring cities closer to sustainable development.